Join WECI Ad-Staff

We are currently hiring for Summer and Fall 2014 ad-staff positions at WECI!  Working at WECI is great way to learn about non-profit work, radio work, and all types of other great stuff.  It’s one of the Earlham student organizations most involved with the Richmond community.  And is a great real-world, fun-time learning experience.

Click the title of the position you’re interested in to view a detailed job description and the application.

Positions are open to all Earlham College students, both work-study and non-work-study.  Applications are due by Friday, April 11.  If you have any questions after looking at the applications, please shoot us an email at


SUMMER POSITIONS (May 11-August 23)

Admin Co-Station Manager–  As Admin manager, you’ll be half of the summer WECI team.  This position is great for anyone interested in the legal and financial aspects of non-profit radio.  You will be in charge of the station’s FCC filings, underwriting, and the automation system that keeps the station running 24 hours a day.  

Creative Co-Station Manager– Creative Manager for the summer is in charge of interpreting and representing WECI’s public image.  You will be in charge of choosing the music that plays on the station, controlling WECI’s web presence, and being the go-to for all DJs. 


FALL POSITIONS (August 24-Dec 14, minimum)

Music Director–  WECI’s MD is responsible for curating the sound of the station.  You will provide music both for our student DJs and automated music system.  If you have an interest in new music and an outgoing personality, this job is a great fit.  

Music Librarian– Most of our senior ad-staff started out as librarians.  By working with WECI’s massive CD and vinyl collections, you get to know the history of the station as well as become a part of what’s going on now.  This job is best-suited to underclassmen who want to start getting involved with the station.

Production Manager– WECI’s Production Manager is in charge of two very important responsibilities: teaching and producing a local student news show and creating original recorded content for the station.  We are looking for someone who is talented and passionate about audio editing, and who may also have experience leading or teaching.  

Publicity/Social Media Manager–  Are you into radio and graphic design?  Do know how wordpress works?  Can write funny and informational tweets?  If you said yes to all/most/any of those you would be a great candidate to run WECI’s social media and publicity campaigns.  We need someone creative and reliable who can translate WECI’s cool vibes in posters, program guides, and online content.